eZ430 - Chronos Development Tool

By @5w0rdfish

So this just isn't a any dev watch, it has RFID and omg I am super excited to play with it. I picked this up whilst at Steelcon. Unfortunately it isn't the much older model which supported the 433Mhz range out of the box, but it does support 868Mhz range but with some tinkering it possibly could, from what I can see they upgraded the firmware and hardware in recent models. Its hardware is identical to the model which supports the 915Mhz.

However some products such as drones and some home alarm systems may work with this. Following some random discussions which escalated quickly into mayhem and hackers wanting to do interpretive dance in pink mankinis at the next Steelcon, we played around with some ideas. One being a watch to control a drone by using its 3 Axis VTI accelerometer.

There is also a strong online community which have developed scripts within this area, also Major malfunction had played with it back in the day and wrote a pretty good blog post on it. I really admire his work and have found myself coincidentally ending up crossing over his blog a few times now with my own ideas.  So head over and take a look at his blog, its awesome.

You can ring my bell! Adventures in sub-GHz RF land...

The great thing is with old tech like this is, that the market and product range to experiment with has expanded and also the amount of what products could now be vulnerable to RFID attacks. With the increase in IOT since 2013 I am hoping I can get a little bit more inventive and see what's possible in 2018. You can load your own scripts upon it with the programmer and some people have done some really cool stuff, such as one time password authentication.

To take a look at the features it supports, take a look at this video:


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