Sharka and Chrissy both take part in CTF's for fun and profit.


Sharka Currently undertakes Hack the box Challenges

4th Place at Spying Challenge at La Nuit Du Hack

Social Engineering CTF that had 2 rounds for Sharka's team, in first one she was able to uncover that one of her targets is undercover for China's liberation army and got herself hired as hacker for APT1. After passing to second stage, she had to physically follow her target an interact with them while recording  to obtain audio and video evidence of target company's  ties to Russian mafia.
The team ranked 4th out of 19.


Chrissy has the following accomplishments within the CTF arena:

Cyber Security Challenge (University Challenge) 2015 winner. 

With her small team based at Edinburgh Napier, Chrissy was fortunate to take part in the CTF, helping the team solve the most challenges, her inventive way of solving particularly one of the challenges was complimented by judges.

Social-Engineer.org: Black Hat Challenge Coin

Chrissy was lucky enough to obtain Black Hat sponsorship in 2015 to attend and take part in the Advanced OSINT for Social Engineers. During this time she was made team leader, helping assist and take her team to victory by correctly identifying the sleeper cell within a corporate espionage case. She now is a proud owner of a Black Hat challenge coin.     

Pragyan CTF 2016

Once again with her team of fellow nerds at @enusec They won technically on points, but narrowly missed out on time, to place as finalists in the Pragyan CTF, they solved the most challenges.
The CTF can be found here:  https://github.com/ctfs/write-ups-2016/tree/master/pragyan-ctf-2016


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