Event: BSides Manchester 2018
Talk: Social Engineering Tales of Pirate Queen
Date: 16th August 2018

Event: BSides London 2018 Rookie Track Winner (Chrissy)
Talk:  Breaking the Bodyguards : Tech enabled Crime
Date: 6th June 2018

A massive thanks to the BSides London Team for the support given on the day. Still in shock I won!
Inspiration and credit where credit is due to the following, which helped me put the research together or had amazing materials online to learn from:

Sammy KamKar ( RFID Attack Research- He loves Nicolas Cage too!)
Corey Harding (Purse of Pwnge - RFID Tool )
Pentest Partners (Yale Alarm System Research )
Major Malfunction (His blogs have given me so much!)

I was nervous so didn't get a chance to mention everyone above in the talk, building on these guys work has been pretty awesome and I am hoping to contribute to further to the field.


Event: Many Hats Club Podcast (Chrissy)
Talk: TBC
Date: TBC

Event: DC11331 PARIS (Chrissy& Sharka)
Talk: TBC
Date: TBC

Event: DC4420 LONDON (Chrissy)
Talk: TBC
Date: TBC


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