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When Blue Meets Red

Sharka and Chrissy have paired up to create Mazu. This website will be an outlet for their research and developments. Mazu is known as a goddess of the sea, she protected fishermen and sailors (the blue part of Mazu) but was also able to attack when it was needed (the red side of Mazu).
Where Chrissy works on defensive side of industry, (she is also known to undertake offensive research) and Sharka is currently working on offensive side (but with rich past experience in SOC environments) both with similar experience and traits, they work well together, working on various projects in their spare time.

This website will cover this research and their public speaking events forthcoming. With a healthy competitive streak between them, they use this to keep pushing them forward; they are currently putting together their blue vs red projects and talks.

Sharka will be using her offensive mentality to bring exploits and Chrissy will work to defend and mitigate these. Together they hope to provide solutions and demonstrate in a unique way their research.

Name: Sharka Pekarova
Location: UK
Work: Penetration tester/ Cybersecurity consultant at SureCloud

Bug bounty:
Synack Red Team

Research Projects:
RFID Offensive Use
Hardware Hacking

4th place at Spying Challenge (Social Engineering) at La Nuit du Hack 2018

Name: Chrissy Morgan
Location: UK
Work: Part time for a Close Protection Company as an Information Security Consultant (DPO)

Research Projects:
Web Sec Dev -Practical Cyber Security Mitigation Teaching Platform
RFID Defensive Countermeasures
Embedded and IOT
Visual analysis for Malware and File Type Detection
Steganography Tool Detection

CTFS and Competitions:
Pragyan Finalist 2016
BlackHat Challenge Coin Winner
Cyber Security Challenge Winner 2015
KCC Best Application Design Winner 2014

Scholarships Gained:
Women in Security and Privacy 2018
Black Hat Europe Amsterdam 2015


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