Casira Bluetooth Development Kit Endpoints

By @5w0rdfish

I'm interested in learning around Bluetooth technologies and once again picked these up at the Steelcon bring and buy stand, btw thank you to whoever donated these and the watch, its pretty awesome.  I'll probably take them apart and see what's inside whilst I undergo some research as to what can be done without having the full blown kit.

I'll update this post once I have got some ideas together. 

The whole kit is supposed to include the following:

Casira Development Kit

Product ID: BCES01

Top of the range Bluetooth software and hardware development system with 2 Casira End Points, each supplied with a BlueCore based radio module, RS232 and USB interfaces, built-in I/O, capable of supporting both host-side software development (interfacing at either HCI or RFCOMM levels), and embedded systems development (interfacing at RFCOMM level, and/or using BlueCore's on-chip RISC microcontroller), access to hardware example design and associated application notes.
Includes BlueSuite development software.

Welcome to any suggestions, please leave a comment and let me know what you think!


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